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We love to meet people who want to share their love of Mane Morsels at events, private parties and more. Drop us a line or give us a call.  We are going to be adding a page for used tack.  If you have used tack you would like to feature on here please email your information and we will feature your products.  We are also going to be adding a blog page, where you can talk about your horse, shows, just whatever you want to about your life with horses.

Horse Lovers​

When planning your perfect day, look no further than us. Mane Morsels lovers beware...your horse is in for a tasty surprise. Natural Homemade Horse Treats. 

Meet Our Chef

Horses are my passion - my art of creating a delicious and surprising treat that will overwhelm your horses every sense.

​​Natural Homemade Horse Treats!

There's Nothing MORE SINCERE 

     than the love for a horse.

    Mane Morsels


Natural Homemade Horse Treats
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